Toni Morgan’s Journey – Part 2

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MHO makes it possible for you to live in a home and maintain where it is that you are living. The repairs with my home were an outstanding journey. I met Lee DeVico and he came in an assessed the situation and told me how the program worked and what to expect. He also told me what I would be responsible for. When I tell you that the team of professionals that he sent to my home were outstanding, they were OUTSTANDING! They just made it as smooth as possible. They were extremely nice and professional and I appreciate it – I really do. They came in and did a great job. They redid the floors and they took out the tub. When I am having one of my episodes and I need to step in there–with little assistance–then I can step into the bathtub without hurting myself. Standing in my home and just knowing, still today, after being there for so long, that I have a home that I can consider my own is just outstanding – it is. I stand and I just gaze, still today, because sometimes it is a struggle to maintain and to be well. I just appreciate it, having a team of people who want to help you. They want to help you. They want you to be better. Even outside of everything else that you have done (what it may seem like on pen and paper) they want you to do better. I appreciate that. Being sick and still trying to maintain is difficult and so I just keep praying and it is going to be all right. MHO is my Holy opportunity.