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Essential Home Repair

Helping people live better for longer in their own homes.

Every person deserves to feel safe and secure in the place they call home. Whether you’re dealing with an urgent home repair issue or a repair that you’ve needed for quite some time, the Mountain Housing Opportunities team is here to help you feel comfortable in your home again.

Our goal is to reduce the immediate threat to life, health, and safety in homes across Western North Carolina. Essential home repair improves quality of life, preserves affordable housing, and prevents displacement and homelessness for our neighbors.

Since 1988, MHO has provided more than 5,000 health and safety-related home repairs to local, low-income homeowners. Behind each of these thousands of repairs is a story of a local person, or sometimes an entire family, whose home was saved because of these critical home repairs. Today, we repair the homes of more than 150 low-income homeowners each year.

Learn more about our Essential Home Repair program below.


  • Must be elderly (62 years of age or older), disabled, a veteran, a single parent of a child under 18 years old, or a family with three or more dependent children
  • Must have a gross annual household income (before taxes) that falls below the allowed limits
Household Size
Maximum Gross Annual Income

Eligible Repairs


  • Small Porch and Stair Repair and Replacement
  • Handrail/Grab Bar Repair and Installation
  • Wheelchair Ramp Construction


  • Mounted Light Fixture, Outlet, Switch, Fuse, and Breaker Box
  • Repair and Replacement
  • Furnaces
  • Furnace or Delivery System Repair


  • Water Line and Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement
  • Sink and Toilet Repair and Replacement
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement


  • Roof Replacement
  • Critical Leak Repair

Ineligible Repairs

MHO does not help neighbors with general house maintenance and other items, such as:
  • Siding Installation
  • Window or Door Replacement
  • Storm Window and Door Installation
  • Gutter Installation or Replacement
  • Insulation Installation
  • Painting and Other Cosmetic Work
  • Mobile Home Underpinning
  • Mobile Home Hook-Ups
  • Yard Work
  • General Cleaning
  • Floor Finishing (Linoleum, Carpet, Etc.)
  • Septic System Installation
  • Well Drilling

Are you a Medicaid recipient living in Buncombe, Rutherford, McDowell, or Yancey counties?

You might be eligible for our partner program called the Healthy Opportunities Pilot (HOP)—a healthcare program from Impact Health. HOP connects Medicaid-eligible people with resources to support their overall health and safety and services that can help with food, housing, transportation, legal support, and emotional well-being.

Apply for Our Essential Home Repair Program

We’ve created an online form to make it easier for you to apply. You can also download a printable application if you’d rather mail it in.

For Contractors

MHO partners with local and regional electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, and more to complete home repairs throughout the year. When you become a contractor with MHO, you gain many benefits, including a steady stream of income, a substantial, consistent amount of repair work to keep you and your team busy, and the knowledge that you’re fixing homes for neighbors who need it most.

Contractor Requirements
  • Must be licensed and insured
  • Must have workers’ compensation
  • Must be able to work in Buncombe County (For the Essential Home Repair Program) and Rutherford, McDowell, and Yancey counties (For the HOP program)

Interested in working with the MHO team as a contractor? Need more information about our bid process? Send your information to info@mtnhousing.com.

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