Emergency Home Repair

MHO is a private, non-profit, community development corporation. Founded by volunteers in 1988, the organization’s first task was to repair the roof of an elderly widow living in Leicester, NC. That repair was the beginning of MHO’s Emergency Home Repair program, which now repairs the homes of more than 150 low-income homeowners each year; all elderly, disabled, or families with small children. In its 35-year history, MHO has served 6,000 households. MHO currently serves over 600 households each year.

The primary goal of the Emergency Home Repair Program is to reduce the immediate threat to life, health, and safety in the homes owned and occupied by low-income people living in Buncombe County.

You may be eligible for the program if you own and occupy your home and are either elderly, disabled, a single parent, or a family with three or more dependent children. Certain income restrictions also apply. For more information, read the attached brochure.

Find out if you are eligible:

  • Are you 62 or over?
  • Do you receive disability?
  • Are you a veteran?
  • Are you a single parent with a child under 18?
  • Do you have three children under 18?