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Building Hope and Dignity

Affordable housing transforms lives and communities.
Access to safe, stable, affordable housing impacts every aspect of an individual’s and their families’ lives and improves the well-being of whole communities. Mountain Housing Opportunities ensures more of our neighbors can access affordable apartments, build equity and generational wealth with homeownership, and stay healthy and housed in the homes they already own. We focus on serving people and families with limited incomes, older adults, people living with disabilities, and people who have experienced housing inequity. Through this work, MHO helps to create real and lasting positive impacts in the lives of people who call Western North Carolina home. Read more about their journeys with MHO.
I’ve really enjoyed living in the Glen Rock building, and I have the option of walking to my studio every day.”

– Michael
MHO Apartment Resident

“Mountain Housing Opportunities has been a blessing. I never thought I’d be a homeowner. It makes me feel so empowered, like I really did something. And I’m building a foundation for my kids.”

– Neisha
Down Payment Assistance Program

“Through living here in these apartments that Mountain Housing Opportunities provides, I am able to go to school and focus on being a student. I am able to save for my daughter and my future.

– Katrina
MHO Apartment Resident

“I feel safer. I’m not as independent as I’d like to be yet. I’m going to have to work on that, but I have self-worth. That goes a long way towards motivation to have more independence. It’s like building blocks. You guys have given me all the tools. I feel so much better. It makes me feel so much more motivated.”

– Dawn
Essential Home Repair Program

“My number one business goal when I got my real estate license was to try and help MHO in any way, shape, or form. MHO has made an immeasurable difference in my life… it’s broken the chain of poverty within my family.”

– Athena
Down Payment Assistance Program

“I consider Mountain Housing Opportunities my home because this is where I started at. And I do not believe my journey is over.

– Barbara
MHO Apartment Resident

“My husband and I aren’t used to asking for help. But after our twin boys were diagnosed with a chronic respiratory disease at the same time as our roof started to leak, we knew we couldn’t afford the repairs necessary to protect our home and our family. We are grateful for the essential home repair services we received from MHO, and we want to pay it forward.

– Andrea
Essential Home Repair Program

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