Meet Toni Morgan – MHO Home Owner Spotlight

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Toni Morgan’s Story – (Part 1)

I love MHO. I mean, I really do. They have given me chances I have not been able to get in other places. They stick with you. Initially, when I moved into my home, I was all excited. Then, I found out that I wasn’t able to keep up. Out of the blue, something came in the mail from MHO. Kelly Nossiter’s name was on the information, so I contacted her. I met with her and we went over everything. She said, “This isn’t right. I think you have a predatory loan.” I sat down with her and her team and they were able to research the information and found that it WAS a predatory loan. I was able to refinance. They helped me with the financing and I was able to maintain my dwelling. I’ve worked with Kelly Nossiter a long time. Still today, she does not tell me that she can’t help me. She answers my calls. She’s always there to assist me for whatever — even if I’m just having a bad day. She is just an outstanding person. She helped me to maintain my budget. She worked with me and continues to do that. I have a surrounding like no other. MHO has made that possible for me. I really do appreciate MHO for making it possible for me to be one of the people who can tell my story to tell others about the great job that they are doing. Thank you, MHO.