Meet Sharon Briggs – MHO Resident Spotlight

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I came back to Asheville after I had my son, Brian. That’s when I found my apartment with MHO. I’m one of the first tenants to have a one bedroom with washer and dryer amenities. I have a dishwasher and air conditioning. I just love my apartment. I really do. It’s great living for a single person. The view is just simply gorgeous. You can see the mountains. You can see all of downtown. You can see up and down Merrimon Avenue. You never have a bored day. You can always turn the TV off and look out the window. I have my table and chairs right where you can look out the window. Everybody that visits says they want this apartment. We like this one.I’m a very independent person and I’ve always used public transportation. I’ve never driven. So, in looking for a place, I knew it had to have access to the
bank, the grocery store and church. And where I live now at the Larchmont, I have access to all of those things. I’ve been helped in ways that I can’t even begin to explain. And when you have something and when you have the opportunity and you have that spirit that’s pushing you, you do it. You just do it. You don’t think anymore of it. To give to MHO is like giving my 10%. It really was. I mean, when you think about living somewhere so beautiful, the sun shines right there. I love it. MHO feels like home.