Meet Frank Walters – Our MHO Resident Spotlight

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Frank Walters’ life changed completely after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.  The ripple effect from the terror attack devastated the international shipping business. Frank lost his successful import/export business of 25 years in Jacksonville, Florida.

Frank’s life took a downward spiral. He started drinking heavily and was in a pit of despair.  He knew he couldn’t continue his life that way. Frank found out about Western Carolina Rescue Ministry and took a bus to Asheville.

While walking on Grove Street to go to the Employment Security Commission to look for a job, he saw a construction sign about MHO’s Griffin apartments. Frank knew he wanted to live there. With Homeward Bound’s assistance, he was eventually able to move into the Griffin apartments in 2006 and was the first tenant to move in.

“My life has completely changed. Thanks to MHO and it’s vision, I am more stable, comfortable and content than I have been in 15 years,” said Frank. “MHO has given me a home and a new lease on life.”