Meet Barbara Little: Our MHO Resident Spotlight

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“A couple of years ago, I couldn’t have seen myself sitting here in my apartment. It’s like I’m dreaming,” said Barbara.

When Barbara lived in High Point, NC, she hit rock bottom and was homeless. “I heard about MHO and that’s when my journey actually began — phase two.”

Barbara worked and went to school. Her job gave her a promotion and a few years later, she became the head department manager of the Floral Department.

“MHO didn’t give up on me. I was able to save up to buy a car and now I am looking for car number two!”

Barbara loves having a place to call her own. “I can shower, and I can study. It’s so nice and quiet. I can focus on me. I can pray.”

She considers MHO her home. “It’s where I started my journey. I don’t believe my journey is over. The sky’s the limit!”