Ramp Up! Eaton Corporation

   Samuel is 68 years old and lives in Candler in a mobile home. He had a hip replacement and is currently being treated for throat cancer, which requires him to have a feeding tube. After several falls in his … Read More

Eddie Hawkins’ Story – Emergency Home Repair

My name is Eddie Hawkins. The Emergency Home Repair Program has given me access to my house, which I never thought was possible. I got a flyer from Mountain Housing Opportunities in the mail and I thought, you know what, … Read More

MHO Wins Funding for 95 Apartments in Swannanoa

East Haven Apartments, 95 apartments planned by Mountain Housing Opportunities (MHO), was awarded federal housing tax credits on Thursday, August 10 by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA). The tax credits will generate almost $8 million in private investment … Read More

Toni Morgan’s Journey – Part 2

MHO makes it possible for you to live in a home and maintain where it is that you are living. The repairs with my home were an outstanding journey. I met Lee DeVico and he came in an assessed the … Read More

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